Unusually for an infographic, this one actually does contain some pretty shocking statistics. The complete disconnect people have between why people are leaving companies, demotivated and hating their boss, not the job, when most people believe they simply left for more money.

If you’re managing your outreach team, unaware of that disconnect and not correctly attributing why employees are leaving, you could be making incorrect decisions almost daily that serve to further demotivate, and reduce the effectiveness of your linkbuilding agency’s teams.

It also highlights the importance of bonding between managers and their team. It’s insufficient to have a team that gets on brilliantly, if the manager has failed to participate in bonding activities, and maintain a meaningful relationship with the team, if that then goes on to become the main reason for otherwise valuable and effective members of your teams to leave the business, making it harder for you to buy links.

Gary Vaynerchuk has a good take on how a manager can keep their team motivated and it’s not just about bonding, it’s about truly understanding their needs and what drives them. Only through a combination of understanding those factors, and through carrying himself in the way he wants people to behave and be inspired by, does he feel he can truly lead them and help them feel they can achieve their dreams within the organization.