Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Negotiated With Outreach. Designed To Outperform Social Advertising

Pitched. Targeted. Powerful.

We execute a powerful ‘Public Relations Style’ pitching approach to influencer marketing. Telling your story, and bringing influential creators into the fold, not just paying them to pay lip-service to your brand. That delivers messages to their audience that drive real sales of your products and real impact for your brand.

Better Connection to Influencers’ Audiences

Many influencers online are used to brands simply trying to spend their budget. They get approached, they get offered a price, and they drop a half-hearted mention to their audience on social to get paid.

We turn that on its head by pitching them as if we were pitching real media outlets. Crafting a message with our clients that allows us to connect on an emotional level and generate real interest in working with the brand.

That allows our campaigns to reach influential creators who aren’t just hawking themselves out to the highest bidder on marketplaces, and many who don’t even make themselves available at all for brand promotion.

Broad And Flexible Campaigns. To Suit Your Goals

By targeting the right people, on the right platforms we can work with everything from physical products, to gaining exposure for new SAAS products. Whether you need your goods in the hands of influential reviewers, or a more nuanced campaign with a complex story to tell about how your brand can improve people’s lives, we will craft a pitch to suit and generate real opportunities for mutually beneficial collaboration.

Key Features


  • Target a range of platforms from the old (forums) to the huge (FB, Insta and YouTube), and the trendy/new.
  • Real stories about your product and brand garner more interest both from the influencer and their audience.
  • Better deals and more opportunity than simply bidding for attention on marketplaces of influencers or with paid advertising.

Complete Coverage. Effective Campaigns For All Budgets

Through Our Comprehensive Mix Of Pitching Fresh Opportunities, Crafting Real Stories, and Negotiating Effectively On Popular Influencer Networks And Marketplaces We Secure The Best Coverage For Your Brand And Product.

One of the key differences between a real ‘PR Style’ influencer campaign and one where the budget is simply targeted at the most suitable targets available on marketplaces is that we’re able to focus on the perfect influencer each and every time we pitch your story.

No more overpaying just because someone has built up a good reputation on your agency’s favorite marketplace.

No more overpaying because your company doesn’t have a message the influencers available happen to connect with.

No more overpaying because the wrong influencer size has been targeted for the campaign or simply wasn’t available.

That means our campaigns deliver more reach, better ties to your brand ethos, and often more coverage for the same budget, than simply allocating the budget based on metrics/likely reach.

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“One of the key reasons influencer campaigns, backed by a real story can be much more powerful than simply spending on advertising is that the influencer already has the trust of their audience. Not only that they’ll actively try and discuss the product with their audience. When you combine that recommendation with the fact we’ll often get them to buy into the brand story and vision that can lead to a compelling, and conversion-driving recommendation which is hard to beat with an ad alone.”

Steve Brownlie – Director, Consulting Services

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We’ve Been Working With Brands, Agencies And Online Marketers For Years Supplying The Precision Outreach They Need To Execute Their Marketing Plans.

Our Story

Prior to 2016 we worked exclusively with agencies on a referral basis. We launched our world-class outreach service publicly in 2016 as a Builder Society exclusive, and have received a fantastic reception from entrepreneurs and agencies excited to be able to reliably outsource their linkbuilding operations and deliver work for their clients they would have been proud to have produced in-house.

Catering To All Site Types

Our team are able to work with agencies that just handle local sites, lawyers, national ecommerce stores, or even sites in tough niches where it’s traditionally difficult to obtain links.

Helping You Plan

Not every client is ready to launch a campaign the first time they engage with us. We’ll help you understand the types of content and campaign you need to get the results you want. Then take that through to execution, while you focus on your core business.

Consistency You Can Depend On

Using our own Django-based client and project management system delivers us huge efficiency gains which we pass on to you through our competitive pricing. We believe we’re the only player in our space to combine price and quality as well as we do. All sites and influencers we connect with are manually vetted as well as (for websites) analysed using the powerful AHREFS suite.

You can trust us to keep your client work and campaigns rolling consistently from order to order.