Premium, Natural, Editorially-Given Links

Obtained Through Content Promotion
And ‘PR Style’ Outreach

Natural. Relevant. Authoritative.

We do natural, ‘Public Relations style’ outreach to good quality sites to obtain links so there are no spammy placements. We also make sure the link is in an article that is highly related to the topic we’re promoting. Having worked in the “men’s pills”, gambling, and pay day loans spaces, we’re confident of delivering exceptional results in almost any niche.

Better Average Link Quality

When we do white label work we’re almost always up against another contractor. More than 75% of the time we end up with all or most of the business.

Even though everyone can guarantee a minimum quality, our AVERAGE quality (by whatever metric you’re measuring) will almost always be higher. That means our links are actually cheaper when you weigh them against results.

Think! What would you rather have* 12 links averaging 23 DR or 10 with the same minimum but averaging 33 DR for the same money – remember it’s a logarithmic calculation so 33 is WAY ahead of 23…?

Regular, Reliable Delivery

We can turn around the first batch of any order, or one-off orders in 4-6 weeks, and for regular customers deliver monthly +/- 3 days like clockwork. I’m personally in touch with all my customers regularly on Skype or by e-mail to update them. No ticket system or impersonal service.

* typical stats quoted above are based on old data prior to the AHREFS update and below are based on 80% of the links on any order being in that range. Our typical minimum order size is 5 links.

Key Features


  • Natural, relevant articles and anchors
  • Solid reason for the link to exist
  • Real sites we found through outreach
  • Thre tiers available to suit your site’s requirements
  • Packages available where we provide the linkbait – powered by WordAgents

Premium Tier Outreach

  • Moz DA26+ Guaranteed
  • Typical* Majestic CF range 20-35+
  • Typical* New DR Range 14-70 (was 40-60 old scale)

Typical pricing is $197-215/link depending on niche and other requirements.

Before the AHREFS update this was our DR40+ 'old DR' tier.

Standard Tier Outreach

  • Moz DA20+ Guaranteed
  • Typical* Majestic CF range 14-24+
  • Typical* New DR Range 3-60 (was 33-55 old scale)

Typical pricing $167-179/link depending on niche and other requirements.

Before the AHREFS update this was our DR33+ 'old DR' tier.

Ultra Premium Tier

  • Moz DA36+ Guaranteed
  • Typical* Majestic CF range 25-40+
  • Typical* New DR Range 40-80 (was 50-65 old scale)

Typical pricing is $265/link depending on niche and other requirements. (DA40+ available at $325+/link)

Before the AHREFS update this was our DR50+ 'old DR' tier.

Complete Solution Including Linkbait Powered By WordAgents

The complete linkbuilding solution. From content ideas to promotion. We’ll turn your site into a link magnet with beutifully-crafted WordAgents content, then pick up those natural, powerful links you need to rank.

Natural links are the cornerstone of building an authority site, but they’re hard to come by. You have to craft beautifully-written content, worthy of being linked to. Then begin the painstaking process of outreaching to potentially interested webmasters to secure those links.

Reach Creator Premium powered by WordAgents handles the entire process for you. We generate ideas for premium linkbait content. WordAgents crafts it. All you have to do is post it and we’ll secure high-authority links for you.

By crafting a new linkbait for you, every single order of 10 links, we secure authority links spread evenly throughout your site and new content. This is a powerful tool for your interlinking strategy which you can use to drive authority to your sales pages, homepage, and important early-funnel blog posts.

If you already have your beautiful linkbait or authority content ready to build links to, don’t worry – this full service premium offering is optional – we’re happy to take links only orders.

Key Features


  • We provide a quality linkbait every order
  • Natural, relevant articles and anchors
  • Solid reason for the link to exist
  • Real sites we found through outreach
  • Solid metrics across AHREFS DR, Moz DA and Majestic CF
  • Contributed content mostly written by WordAgents

Don’t need a full package with linkbait? No problem, just scroll down for more details of our links only packages and different price tiers.

Sample Links and Testimonials

We completed a comprehensive set of outreach to our own PR guide. Not only did we secure links that were all highly relevant and authoritative, we even locked down links from competing PR agencies. Don’t just take our word for it, though, we’ve been getting rave reviews from the folks over at Builder Society for over a year now.

Natural Links

Even From Competing PR Agencies

We have blanket non-disclosure with our clients but have promoted our own PR guide to show as samples: (they’re in an image as I don’t want referral traffic from this domain going to them… naturally).

Link Types Available


  • New Contextual Article Link
  • Links Pages
  • Links in Old Articles
  • Follow/NoFollow Available

Our Story

Prior to 2016 we worked exclusively with agencies on a referral basis. We launched our world-class outreach service publicly in 2016 as a Builder Society exclusive, and have received a fantastic reception from entrepreneurs and agencies excited to be able to reliably outsource their linkbuilding operations and deliver work for their clients they would have been proud to have produced in-house.

Catering To All Site Types

Our team are able to work with agencies that just handle local sites, lawyers, national ecommerce stores, or even sites in tough niches where it’s traditionally difficult to obtain links.

Helping You Plan

Not every client is ready to launch a campaign the first time they engage with us. We’ll help you understand the types of content and campaign you need to get the results you want. Then take that through to execution, while you focus on your core business.

Consistency You Can Depend On

Using our own Django-based client and project management system delivers us huge efficiency gains which we pass on to you through our competitive pricing. We believe we’re the only player in our space to combine price and quality as well as we do. All sites and influencers we connect with are manually vetted as well as (for websites) analysed using the powerful AHREFS suite.

You can trust us to keep your client work and campaigns rolling consistently from order to order.

Packages To Suit Your Budget And Plans To Scale Your Site

Whether you’re a small site with tons of great content looking for just a few links per month, or a large brand looking for a complete content and linkbuilding solution, we’ve got packages to suit your requirements.

Our standard tier links are DA20+ (typical CF14+) and come priced at $165 per link typically. We also offer two ultra premium tiers: DA26+ (most CF20+) at $195/link typically and DA36+ (most CF25-40) at $247/link typically in most niches.


Discounts are available for:


  • Large orders
  • Ongoing orders
  • Sites with very high quality content
  • Sites in easier niches (usually health related)
  • Sites with a stand out piece of linkbait to promote

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