With many motivational and team building exercises focusing mainly on how to coerce or encourage employees to tow the line and step their game up to the company’s expectations of them, it was great to raise the important point that motivation from the inside is extremely powerful for businesses, especially at your agency’s link building partner

An employee who sees their autonomous decisions driving business success will feel more empowered and therefore motivated than someone who has simply caught the carrot being dangled in front of them in the form of a corporate reward scheme. Perhaps sometimes not even understanding the objectives or the purpose of the scheme itself, which can be worrisome if you are looking to buy links or build purely natural outreach links

Having said that, external factors are important to some people, and taking those people into account is not something to be ignored, but those people will generally also value the additional empowerment that a more balanced corporate culture can develop to produce stunning animated infographics.

As we’ve mentioned a few times, one of the most powerful ways to empower teams and to give them a mission they believe in is through having a company culture that is embedded in the local community, and genuinely cares about giving back to the community. Charity team building is one such opportunity, but even fun activities organized by staff members to raise money for causes they care about outside the company can benefit from donation matches and other support from management.